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Unlock iPhone 5 and free yourself from boundaries

TMany people are bothered with problem of locking of their devices. It presents problem for iPhone users due to the superiority of AT&T over other providers. This superiority maintained with forced preference for one service provider it is what we call locking.

Why unlock iPhone 5?

Let’s look through the good things about unlocked iPhone

Unlock iPhone for selling your phone avoids making problems for your buyers with AT&T. Because new owner can want to change the SIM card. This decreases your chances for selling iPhone.

Reasonable choice

It is reasonable to unlock iPhone for switching carriers and using better rates. After the unlock, one can use any providers he/she wants. Good news, if you like travelling. Because roaming in AT&T is quite expensive. Very-very expensive. So, the main way to overcome these inconveniences is to unlock iPhone 5 .

So owners can want to use providers and services different from AT&T. For this Apple users decide to unlock iPhone 5. They can do it when they want to travel to Europe and other countries. The most suitable service provider for this is T-Mobile. It will provide saving your money. It works if you use iPhone according to its direct aim.

Best option

The best option to create T-Mobile account, unlock iPhone 5 and insert a SIM from T-Mobile. Presto! Your iPhone is unlocked and free to use in any place outside the USA. And no reason to buy new phone, just unlocking will help.

Many Apple users like to sell their iPhones due to the money that can be get and old functionality that can be changed by purchasing of newer iPhone. For selling unlocked iPhone is more expensive than locked one. It means that unlocking will help to get good price for selling and not to bother family members with limitations when you just want to give your iPhone.

GSM networks are perfect for unlock because they can accept all GSM devices and it doesn’t matter whether it is iPhone or Samsung. Therefore one can unlock iPhone 5 without difficulties and get new services from other providers and better rates, of course. There are differences in unlocking dealing with CDMA networks. To CDMA networks we can refer Verizon or Sprint. These are two most popular service providers. But CDMA designates phones to be used in network, so unlocking is little bit difficult. But we will tell how to unlock iPhone in our article. It is very easy, much easier than it is painted.

How to…

Below we will present step-by-step directions to easily unlock iPhone 5 and it’s without mentioning the third version. This article will be suitable for those who is tired to be bound to some peculiar provider for ages.

How to unlock iPhone by Apple

There are many providers which allow to unlock devices. And among them are AT&T more popular by CDMA Verizon and T-Mobile like substitution for AT&T.

You will be charged for some money but it of course worth it. Using carrier – it’s better way to unlock iPhone 5. Newer models are highly supported by Apple and hacking can cause ceasing of support and one more caveat: carrier can reverse hacked changes. And unlocking using carriers – the best way for unlock.

Requirements for unlock

Unlocking process cannot be started without the meeting of special requirements stated by providers. At first, we can’t go on without mentioning AT&T as a primary provider for iPhone. Using iPhone many people sign contracts with AT&T and the contracts must be paid. It is the first requirement of AT&T. iPhone should belong to the original owner. Verizon requires good standing for two months before unlock. There is no need in unlock iPhone 5 because it is already unlocked. It works only with Verizon provider. But CDMA phones cannot work in GSM due to the type of radio-transmission differences. However, other models of iPhone can be unlocked. So the phone should be checked for locking.

Aftermath of confirmation

After a successful submit please wait for one week and carrier will send confirmation. It will be sent only if the requirements are met. Then you should replace SIM card. Personal data, and data relating your provider are stored in SIM. That is why you need to take it out and insert the needed card.

Take out the SIM? – Piece of cake!

Ejection of card doesn’t present a problem even for ordinary owner. At first we have to find tray for SIM. 3G models of iPhone is so designed that the SIM is located on the top. The same designs have other models. The only difference is the size of SIM. Mini for fourth model and to unlock iPhone 5 you should take off the smallest SIM – nano SIM.

For this you need a little paper clip. Tip of the paper clip should be inserted into a hole near the tray. Tray can be easily pulled out and the SIM removed. That’s all.


Don’t put your SIM in iPhone if the account with it is not opened and activated. Once the account is made; you can insert your new SIM card. Then turn on you iPhone and wait until it boots. Follow instructions and make connection to Wi-Fi. Then you will be able to complete setup. Hey presto, iPhone is unlocked.

If you still haven’t got a SIM you have to connect iPhone to a source of power and do the following:

Setting -> iCloud -> Backup and Storage -> Backup now.

Then tap Settings -> General -> Reset It will delete personal data, settings and etc from your iPhone and the iPhone will be like “tabula rasa”, with factory settings.

After all this actions your iPhone will be successfully unlocked.

Your plans

If you are planning usage of unlocked iPhone, you must follow directions of setup. Choose iCloud restore in “Set up your iPhone” menu. You should enter then AppID and your password and according to the information from the backup your information will be restored. Good thing to avoid losing of information. You will be notified about the ending of restoration process.

If your iPhone will be no more used by you then you can erase all content through the menu that we have discussed previously. It is easy to make the iPhone empty from your personal information that can be used by third parties. Speaking about selling you can do that, then owner will personalize his new iPhone.

So why should I unlock iPhone?

- To save money during the travelling outside USA and using better rates.

- Other carriers can have better rates inside USA.

- iPhone becoming more attractive for giving it away considering successful unlock

- Gaining much higher price for selling. Unlocked iPhones worth more than just locked iPhones with AT&T or Verizon

They are such a good reasons for knowing secrets of iPhone unlocking